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Mark Westoll, 26 May 2021

We’re lucky to have a great many founders in our ecosystem who are willing to share their stories with the aim of helping others along their own path.

If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.

Many of the people who have “made it” are happy to share their experiences, paying it forward for the good of the people who will follow. There’s something very special about being able to share your journey and the lessons that you faced along the way. The eternal hope is that others who follow a similar path will learn from the approaches of those before them. If you tread a similar path, will the challenges also be similar? Whilst the context for everyone’s own challenges will be vastly different, at a grass roots level, the core challenge and the approach taken will undoubtedly shed a great deal of light on your own situation.

The Techstars Startup Week London event is a platform for founders from every corner of our great ecosystem to come and share their stories. We will hear the successes and the failures. Ultimately, it’s about sharing your learning, helping others to meet their own challenges and perhaps pick up a tip or two that will equip you as you progress in your journey to greatness.

In return, I hope you will ask many questions. If you are inspired by a founder story, seek them out at the event and start a conversation. Making a heartfelt connection could be just what you both want. Remember, next year it could be you sharing your story of greatness for others to follow!