Startup Week London
Startup Week London
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Startup week London


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Startup Week London

Monday 18th Oct

Join us for our opening session with Techstars London Managing Director Eamonn Carey, followed by a day of innovation and learning. Hear the stories of success and failure from experienced founders so you can learn from their journeys. Connect with sector experts to deepen your understanding and participate in panel discussions to further the industry debates. There will be lots of opportunities for networking and engaging with experienced founders, mentors and investors.

Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you. – Tony Hsieh

Every day of our celebration for the London startup community is open to all, maybe you’ve completed your first raise and have a product or service in the market or perhaps you are just about to embark on your fund raising journey. Come and hear from founders who have taken those early steps numerous times and faced the same challenges of establishing a brand in the market. Hear about the personal challenges and how to manage yourself through the ups and downs of being a pioneer and founder. Meet the people who can support you and help you stride forwards along your path. Our guest speakers are all committed to paying forward and sharing what they’ve learnt along the way. Connect with these amazingly generous people and get the inside track on what to do and what not to do. Maybe there’ll be someone who has overcome the exact same situation that is your highest challenge. If you’re not here to meet them, you’ll never know.

Make sure you check back here to read more about our event and feel free to send any thoughts you have for what you want to hear about or who you’d love to hear from to us at!