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Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons is the founder of Propelia. Propelia is the only UK accelerator dedicated to and designed around Founder Market Fit. We enable new types of early stage pre-seed founders - that we identify and engage with as “Propellers” - rapidly launch and get off the ground. Our remote Methodology is structured to work quickly, in order to fast track the first 6 months of each founder’s journey. A journey which if given the right fuel and funding might reshape the way we navigate the complex problems that we now all face. Dan is recognised as one of the leading voices pioneering and promoting this shift from Product Market Fit towards Founder Market Fit in the early stage pre-seed space. Dan has spent the last 20 years helping start ups and founders strategically leverage their thinking, brand and unique proposition to disrupt new market sectors and open up new market categories. He has also been a founder himself and personally experienced the pressures placed on early stage ideas trying to navigate uncertain and emerging market sectors. He started out his career learning how to spot, nurture and develop talent working alongside artists at the most iconic record label in the world.