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Kaeya Majmundar

Kaeya Majmundar is the CEO of Swaypay, a fintech x social commerce company delivering unprecedented savings to millions of shoppers by helping brands like Nike, Fenty, Urban Outfitters, and Uber Eats shift their marketing dollars from Google and Facebook directly to their social savvy customers. Throughout her life, Kaeya has always been an entrepreneur. While in college, Kaeya got a deal on the Season 5 Finale of ABC’s “Shark Tank” with a prototype for her first product, BZbox, a collapsible, assembly-free cardboard moving box. The drama from Barbara Corcoran insisting Kaeya wasn't an entrepreneur made her a top trend on Twitter overnight. To Kaeya’s surprise, a frenzy of web traffic, media coverage, and sales ensued. This sparked her passion for social commerce, and she became fixated on figuring out how to most effectively leverage social media to drive sales. After graduating college, Kaeya co-created multiple viral eCommerce brands with celebrities and influencers from NBA #1 Draft Pick, Derrick Rose, to famous french bulldog Manny The Frenchie. Along this journey, the lightbulb went off to start treating social media posts as currency for her storefronts. This became a Ferrari of an engine for revving sales up and throttling marketing costs...planting the seed for Swaypay.