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Katie Palencsar

Katie Palencsar is an Investor and the Global Head of Venture Studio at Anthemis Group where she leads the Female Innovators Lab in partnership with Barclays. Previously, she founded and led data SaaS company, Unbound Concepts from ideation to exit. The company’s data services, which were used by global distributors as well as privately owned and publicly traded publishers in addition to providing free software tools to over 40,000+ educators. Upon acquisition, she served on the executive team and led Solutioning for Certica Solutions which was acquired by Instructure (INST). Award highlights include the General Electric 99u Alva Emerging Innovator Award, Drexel University Outstanding Educator and Women in FinTech Powerlist. Katie’s experience as an entrepreneur from idea stage, to fundraising, scaling, exit and integration gives her an unparalleled understanding of what early stage companies need to achieve success.