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Startup Week London
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Startup week London


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Nicholas Richards

Nick has worked in or around private equity and venture capital for the entirety of his 10 year career. He's invested in venture funds and venture backed companies across the globe and has developed an encyclopaedic knowledge about the venture landscape. First working in a fund-of-funds and then direct VC, Nick got the entrepreneurial itch from meeting 100s of founders as part of his day job. He joined SeedLegals using his VC knowledge and expertise to help build and launch SeedLegals' first investor product, Deal Manager, to accelerate SeedLegals mission to make fundraising dramatically simpler and quicker. Since joining SeedLegals, Nick has spoken to near every pre-seed and seed fund in the UK. He works and partners with investors to optimise their deal operations. He's also made a few angel investments.